Le privilège d'un séjour de rêve où terre et mer s'étreignent...

Well- being



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Taking the time to recharge, to take care of oneself in order to rediscover a natural balance, harmony, well-being and serenity, this is what Domaine Paradisu offers through its relaxation treatments and its fitness programs. Benefits of the earth through the vegetable garden and organic orchard, personalized coaching, treatments and massages... Nothing is left behind at Domaine Paradisu when it comes to the well-being of our customers

Well be

Fitness & coaching. 

Eat Bio

The garden of the Domaine Paradisu.

Treatments & Massages

Luxury, calm down & beauty. 

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+33 664 129 970

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Chemin d'Arcellinco

20 260 Lumio, CORSE. 

GPS Cordinates: 42°34'35.3°N 8°49'53.4°E

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