Le privilège d'un séjour de rêve où terre et mer s'étreignent...

Eat  Bio

A   tas te  of  au tenticity 

Enjoy the benefits of the land through the vegetable garden and organic orchard, where all products are fed sun and spring water.


Our chef will be happy to cook you the products of the garden, freshly picked and prepared in front of you. The estate is full of natural products: olive oil, muscat, organic fruits and vegetables, will delight your palate.


Rejuvenate your body with all these organic products that will be offered to you during your stay.  You will be able to walk in the orchard of the domain with the subtle perfume of traditions and authenticity; the magnificent bunches of grapes worked by an oenologist give the organic wine of the estate. The olives are pressed and turned into a golden and tasty oil.


Con tac  t   us ! 

+33 664 129 970

+33 495 474 305

+352 621 547 


Chemin d'Arcellinco

20 260 Lumio, CORSE. 

 GPS Coordinates : 42°34'35.3°N 8°49'53.4°E

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